Read below to learn how to enroll in Pacific Diving Academy professional scuba diving school, and what to expect during the enrollment process at Pacific Diving Academy.  There is a dedicated School Certifying Official, who’s job is to help you through the entire process of enrollment. 

You can contact our administrator at the following:

Monday – Friday: 7AM – 7PM
Phone: 808-262-2333
Email: info@AaronsDiveShop.com

Professional scuba diving

First Steps of Enrollment in PDA's Professional Scuba Diving School

Complete the Application Form  and submit. If you are a veteran, please provide all the information requested.
Download and submit Medical Form  (Required for ALL Professional Level Programs). 
Download and submit Prior Credit Form.
Make payment arrangements for program 10 days prior to start date. To enroll in PDA’s professional scuba diving school, a student must complete the application form and submit to Pacific Diving Academy.  You are encouraged to enroll as early as possible. Payment, installment payments and or GI Bill® benefit payments should be in place five business days before the start of the term. It is the students’ responsibility to pursue payment arrangements.
Students intending to use GI Bill® benefits MUST request a COE -certificate of eligibility- at least 30 days in advance of the beginning of the term – http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/apply.asp . The COE will determine what out of pocket expenses the students is responsible for, if any. Retired veterans are also required to submit a DD214. 

Who can enroll?

Pacific Diving Academy is open to enrollment to anyone who is 18 years of age by the time the Divemaster portion of the course of study begins.

What is the schedule?

Pacific Diving Academy programs are offered monthly.  Students must do a minimum 22 hours/week of direct instructor led activities. 

At what level should I enroll?

At what level should I enroll?
Students may enter the program at any level if they hold the prerequisites.  Students who have not been diving for a while are encouraged to take the Scuba Review Course.  

Prices and length of Program may decrease if you are issued prior credit for certifications already received prior to entering the program.

When can I start?

Decide the Program you are interested in.

Email for start dates. (email info@AaronsDiveShop.com )

What do I need to enroll?

Download or fill out the PDA Application Form, complete it, and scan/mail or submit to info@AaronsDiveShop.com . Your enrollment will be confirmed by mail or email. An email or phone call will follow to answer/address any remaining questions or concern. Students are required to provide the school a copy of transcript from any previous college/training they have received and proof of previous dive certifications. It can be an unofficial school/college/military transcript.