Congratulations to Larry Grayson for receiving his 2021 PADI Platinum Course Director Award at DEMA this year!

Aaron’s Dive Shop is extremely proud that our Course Director, Larry Grayson, has done it again! This is his 6th Platinum Course Director award in a row! 

What does a Platinum Course Director Award Mean? The Platinum Course Director Award is the highest rating ANY PADI Course Director can receive! It means that Larry has authorized 30 or more DM/AI/OWSI and/or IDCSI certifications, authorized 100 or more instructor level certifications AND has a 70% instructor level continuing education ratio.
Less than 100 out of 1600 Course Directors receive Platinum Awards. 33 of those Platinum Award receivers live in North America. Platinum Course Director’s are responsible for over 75% of Instructor Training in the world. 
There is little that Larry hasn’t encountered in his 35 years of professional diving (25+ years as an actively teaching PADI Course Director) and we at Aaron’s Dive Shop are lucky to have him as a part of our ohana! 

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