Another Year, another award for PADI Course Director Larry Grayson!

CONGRATULATIONS to Course Director Larry Grayson for another year of excellence!

What does a GOLD course director mean? 

Firstly, this award is a PADI Frequent Trainers rank amongst the top performing Course Directors in the world, helping to teach new PADI Instructors and transform lives across the globe every year. 

The PADI Frequent Trainer program distinguishes PADI Course Directors by highlighting their experience and gives them the means to promote their Frequent Trainer status to IDC candidates, potential IDC candidates, prospective employers and others. 

To be eligible to join the Frequent Trainer program you must be a renewed PADI Member and have no verified quality assurance complaints for the review or award year. 

PADI’s Gold Ranking means:

Authorise 50-99 total professional level certifications.
Authorise at least 20 core pro level certifications (includes DM, AI, OWSI or IDCSI)
Authorise at least 30 Instructor level continuing education certifications therefore have a 60% instructor level continuing education ratio.

Congratulations to our Course Director Larry Grayson on being recognized by PADI and distinguished among other course directors!

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